Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy, and this policy details what information we store, how it’s collected and used, how it’s stored and other relevant information. This policy is regularly reviewed and revised in light of latest best practices, technological developments and legal requirements, and as such you are advised to check it periodically.

What Information Do We Collect?

The information we collect falls into two categories: information you choose to provide us with, such as an email address, and information that’s collected on an aggregate basis when you visit our website, such as your IP address.

Information You Choose to Provide Us With

When requesting for a free resource or report or to otherwise receive emails from us by completing a subscriber application, you will provide us with your email address and sometimes your name and a geographic location derived from your declared time zone.

If you go ahead with a booking via any link on our pages, we do not collect or see credit card or other payment information ourselves, that is held entirely by the business you are booking with or their payment agent. Many of those businesses will have a commercial arrangement with us and will pay us for referring you to a booking. That comes from revenue they would otherwise retain themselves and should have no impact on your booking price.

Information We Collect On An Aggregate Basis

When you visit or submit information on our website, in common with most other websites we collect your IP address and information relating to your browser and the device you use (what’s known as your ‘user agent’).

Who Is Collecting It?

Your information is collected by Mailchimp, the company we use for our email services.

How Is It Collected?

Your information is collected via submission forms we make available on this website for your use, as well, with respect to IP information,

Why Is It Being Collected?

When you register for a free resource, such as our newsletters, or to otherwise receive information from us, we use your email address where supplied to provide information relating to what you have requested. We will also keep in touch with you on a longer term basis with emails containing information about developments on this website, and other information relating to camping, glamping and travel related matters we think you may find of interest.

However, we use a double opt-in process for email addresses so that we can ensure your clear consent for us to contact you via email. This means that when you first submit your email address to us, we double check with you to make sure you want to receive emails from us.

We use your IP address to identify your country of origin in order to, where appropriate, customize the information shown on this website to your locality.

Your user agent string helps us identify the most commonly used browsers and devices to ensure we’re able to provide the best possible experience for our visitors.

How Is It Stored?

These details are held within MailChimp, our email marketing provider.

Your information is kept as long as required in order to perform our obligations, including our legal and proper accounting obligations.

Who Will it Be Shared With?

Personally identifiable information will only be disclosed to third-parties when we are required to do by law, when taking advantage of services that enable us to serve you better and where the appropriate safeguards are in place as outlined above. For example, we integrate with Mailgun in order to contact you via email, which necessitates the sharing of your name and email address in order for them to provide that service.

We will never sell your information to others, except where this website as a whole is sold to an acquiring business, neither will we lend or lease such information.

Your Right to Object

We contact you via email only when you have clearly consented for us to do so. However, such consent is non-binding and you are free to object to us continuing to send you email and can therefore withdraw that consent at any time. In other words, you are free to opt out.

When you opt out, we will only contact you again via email if you again submit your email to us.

To opt out, the quickest option is to click the link provided at the bottom of the emails we send you.

Your Right to Be Forgotten

If you are based in the EU, you have the right to request that we remove any information we may hold that relate to you. Such requests should be submitted to us in writing, preferably via email, using the contact information available on this website, and will be processed promptly in accordance with applicable laws.

Your Right to Access and Rectify Your Data

Again if you are based in the EU, you have the right to view the data we hold about you, be told what the purposes are for that data, discover who that information has been disclosed to and determine how long we will hold the data for. You can also request for such information to be rectified which would help maintain the accuracy of our database. As above, all such requests should be submitted to us in writing, preferably via email, using the contact information available on this website, and will be processed promptly in accordance with applicable laws.

Cookie Policy

We do not set any cookies ourselves but you should know that the companies we may refer offers or news from, may well keep cookies themselves. If this is of concern you should contact the relevant business you have opted to contact to satisfy yourself of any concerns and opt not to use them if your concerns cannot be allayed.

Specifically, there are ads and links on this website which take you to such other websites as are providing the offer or service we’ve mentioned. You can refuse to accept cookies from those third parties at any time by using the settings in your browser, as well as to delete cookies already set. Full information on how you can do this can be found at, and information on how you can specifically opt out of Google’s use of cookies can be found here. However, blocking cookies may mean you experience a deterioration in the ability to use this website effectively as some functionality of this website may no longer work correctly.

Third Party Tracking

Visitors and their actions are tracked using Google Analytics, and we use conversion tracking functionality provided through Google, Facebook and Twitter. By using this website you agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of relevant information regarding your usage of this website for such purposes.

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your questions and comments about this policy, including areas in which you feel we could improve. To do so, please use the contact information provided.




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