How Popular Is Camping

So how popular is camping?

Here are the results of a survey undertaken by the team at GO Outdoors.

How Popular Is Camping

For further analysis of the survey please refer to The Go Outdoors Survey 2014

The survey not only shows that camping is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, but also that more and more people are willing to give it a try and also branch out to wild camping, glamping and other types of camping.

The most popular UK destinations are the Lake District and Cornwall, but it’s also interesting to note the popularity of travelling overseas to camp. France remains way out front as the most popular choice, followed by Spain, Italy and Germany when it comes to the most popular overseas destinations, but others as diverse and far flung as Iceland and Cambodia also have their advocates.

It would be interesting to have some answers to the top questions asked by the Go Outdoors Blog, including:

What is your first thought? Cold and rainy nights in the middle of nowhere, longing for a hotel bed? Or a fantastic family getaway in some beautiful scenery? – Go Outdoors Blog

Also, where is your favourite camping destination (either a place or a region)? If you want to tell us feel free to leave a reply below:




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