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In view of the ongoing and developing crisis and general prevailing uncertainty as the Coronavirus spreads, I took the decision a few days back to refrain from posting any further promotional offers or news.

I am leaving all existing posts up as it’s good to be reminded of happier times when we took for granted the opportunity to travel to and enjoy pretty much anywhere that we wanted to go to. However, given the likelihood of imminent or actual lockdowns, other travel restrictions and cancellations and bans on large gatherings (in some countries the restrictions apply to all gatherings above a small handful of people), anybody opting to follow already posted links to a booking page needs to reflect very carefully on whether they will be able to go ahead with that booking or be able to enjoy it in the usual way.

I will continue to post my camping newsletter Camping News on a lighter and less regular basis. Again the same advice applies on following through to any booking links posted in those posts. I will also post updates from operators I’ve partnered with over the years as and when I see them through my Social Media platforms.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully there will at some point be the prospect of a return to normality.


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