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Holiday Resorts

Bridging The Gap Between Camping, Glamping & Villa Holidays

Holiday Resorts

Quinta do Paraiso apartments, located in the Quinta do Paraiso resort. Onsite facilities such as the large communal pool are all within a stone’s throw of the apartments. Click Here To Get More Details

Do you sometimes look for a bit more comfort than a camping holiday but still want the camaraderie of a camping holiday park? Especially in those days of early spring and late autumn where the greater chance of it being colder and or wetter can be a bit of a turn off. That’s where Holiday Resorts could come in.

Self-catering with a community feel that gives the extra privacy and peace of a villa holiday can be combined with access to a large, shared swimming pool, other leisure facilities and proximity to restaurants so that the whole family can both relax and be entertained.

Besides a choice of villas within a holiday resort, the options to choose also includes town houses and apartments. That way you can combine a mixture of lounging in the sun with fun-filled activities on your doorstep in much the same way you might already enjoy in a good quality camping holiday park.

Kids’ clubs, communal pools and on-site beaches can be great places for the children to make friends, whilst parents can either join in the fun themselves, or enjoy timeout on the golf course or spa.

James Villas have a range of destinations worth checking out which are available throughout the year, including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Provence and other locations further afield such as Florida.

To check them all out, there’s instant access via

Check out other inducements such as free car hire when you book!

Holiday Resorts

Abacos Apartments, at the Bahama Bay Resort, Orlando is an extremely convenient base for days out at nearby Disney World as well as a resort with plenty of it’s own top class facilities.
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