2016 Early Booking Discounts

2016 Early Booking Discounts For European Camping Holidays

If you are already sure of where you want to go for your camping holiday in 2016, and when you want to go, a lot of value can be had taking one of the 2016 Early Booking Discounts now on offer from several of the leading camping holiday operators. To help you get started here’s a summary of some of the main offers.

Al Fresco 2016 Early Booking Discounts

Early booking

By booking early you can save up to 30% on your 2016 family holiday with Al Fresco Holidays.
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The biggest savings on Al Fresco Holidays are to be had for camping holidays up to 3rd June and after 3rd September 2016. From 4th June, the discount goes down to 15%, and 10% from 2nd July to 2nd September. The booking is currently available up to 5th November. Your chosen holiday can be secured with a deposit of just £50 up to the 5th November and if you are able to travel mid-week a Dover to Calais ferry crossing is thrown in at no extra cost.

On top of this, Al Fresco also offer loyalty bonuses on a tiered basis depending how often you’ve holidayed with them before.

You can get further details from them directly via http://www.alfresco-holidays.com/2016-early-booking-offers/

Eurocamp 2016 Early Booking Discounts

2016 Early Booking Offers

Booking early with Eurocamp for 2016 could bring savings of up to 25% for just a £99 deposit.
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Eurocamp’s 2016 Early Booking Discounts are based around a combination of early booking discounts and loyalty bonuses if you’ve booked with them before. To get the full 25% discount you will need to book a date from 10th April to 27th May, 5th June to 14th July or 28th August to 21st October and to have booked with them before. You’ll also need to book at least 11 nights for your holiday, though of course it need not be in one place.

Otherwise the discounts reduce to 10% for stays outside the above dates for stays of 11 days or more, or 5% for 10 days or less. Having said that, this could still be a substantial discount and worth considering.

To get more details of Eurocamp’s 2016 early booking discounts you need to go to http://www.eurocamp.co.uk/offers-and-news/special-offers/

Selectcamp 2016 Early Booking Discounts

Early Booking Offers

There’s up to 40% OFF Selectcamp 2016 Early Booking Discounts, Click Here For More Details

Selectcamp are a much smaller operator than Al Fresco or Eurocamp, but are very much worthy of consideration.

The 40% offers are for holidays taken up to 9th July. From that date, the discounts go down to 10%. From 20th August the discounts go up again to 35%.

You can get more details via http://www.selectcamp.co.uk/early-booking-2016

This article doesn’t seek to be a comprehensive guide on 2016 early booking discounts, but just a little prompt to help you get started. You might also find more than one operator has a deal suitable for the camping holiday park that you want, in which case the thing to do is leave up a tab for each operator whilst you’re online and go through the booking process until the payment comes to be completed and then to just go ahead with the operator whose deal is most suitable for you if you’re sure you’ve got what you want.

It’s unlikely that your choice will ever be cheaper, unless you prefer to wait for the lottery of last minute deals nearer to the date of your holiday, when of course you run the risk of not having your preferred choice of location, and the dates you want, available. That option is better if you are much more flexible, and less choosy, on when and where you want to go.

Don’t forget that there are other operators worth looking at, including Canvas Holidays but I’ve not covered them at this stage as details of their offers for 2016 seem a bit vague generally. They could still be worth checking for comparison purposes, when it comes to particular holiday parks, especially if you qualify for any type of loyalty bonus by having booked with them before.

I’ll do my best to help you if you’d like that. Do feel free to use either the comments box or one of our Social Media platforms.




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