Pubs & Camping. Do They Go Together?

Pubs & Camping. Do they go together?

Do pubs & camping go together? If you want some fun finding out then Campsite Chatter have helpfully compiled a list, together with a map and links to each of the various campsites or pubs.

The list is a combination of both pubs which have converted land to make it available for campers and camping parks with their own purpose built bar. The list is not exhaustive. If you know of one or more others that deserve to be included then why not mention it to us and to Campsite Chatter themselves.

I guess most of us come into two categories; those who like a spot for refreshments and socialising and those who prefer somewhere quieter and more away from it all. The big plus of course is that somewhere to book a warm meal and to sit in a comfortable chair will be close at hand.

If you want reviews of any of the places listed before you book one, then the first port of call I’d suggest is TripAdvisor.

Pubs & Camping

The gastro pub at The Trotting Mare Caravan Park, a lovely country location between the Ellesmere lakes and Wrexham. Click Here For Booking Details




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